First off, I only have $10.00 in this account, but my other account has another $2.00 so $12.00 is the maximum I can pay.  I would just need to start another hard question for whoever bids on this question in my other account to get the rest of the money.

I will upload the pages and everything to complete the work after someone bids on this question.  There are five main questions, but some have multiple parts so probably around 10 overall questions.

Below is an example of what I will upload in a word document and send to whoever bids on this question so that you can see if you can answer these types of questions.

I will paste a link to a website that will show a lab manual that is very similar to mine.  It is Experiment 23 Factors Affecting Reaction Rates on the website.  The pages 271-272 contain questions similar to the ones I have, but there are more questions on the website for some reason.  Mine would only be questions 1-5 on the website.

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