Dunham quotes two abstract artists, Piet Mondrian (p. 89) and Wassily Kandinsky (p. 90), who both explain why they do not use recognizable figures in their art. Look at these links if you aren’t familiar with their art, and then respond to their explanations. Do you agree with them? why or why not?

Mondrian link: http://www.art.com/gallery/id–a7/piet-mondrian-posters.htm (å¤é¨ãµã¤ãã«ãªã³ã¯ãã¦ãã¾ãã)å¤é¨ãµã¤ãã«ãªã³ã¯ãã¦ãã¾ãã

Kandinsky link: http://www.art.com/gallery/id–a26/wassily-kandinsky-posters.htm (å¤é¨ãµã¤ãã«ãªã³ã¯ãã¦ãã¾ãã)

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