Nursing practice in relation to the law standards and ethics.
1. How your personal practice relates to the ANAs scope of practice.
2. How your personal practice relates to your states legal regulations and professional standards for nurses.
3. How you can use Provisions 7 8 and 9 to develop your professional nursing practice.
4. How philosophical forces influence your practice.
5. How ethical principles and theories as well as values influence your professional nursing practice.
identify the concepts of values morals ethics and the law and explain their relationship to professional nursing practice
apply the state Nurse Practice Act and American Nurses Association standards to nursing practice
discuss legal concepts and principles and their significance in carrying out nursing functions
NOTE: Your paper must be written in APA style format
4-6 pages are required EXCLUDING your title and reference pages
should include a cover page and reference page (no abstract is needed)
I would HIGHLY recommend the use of headings to help you organize your thoughts into sectionsit will also help me to grade your work if it is clearly organized!!
In addition to your textbooks your paper should include a minimum of two credible and referred resources from sources other than your textbooks
My current text books are below and I need 2 other references than these books.
American Nurses Association (ANA) (2010). Nursing: Scope and standards of practice (2nd ed.). Silver Spring
ISBN-13: 978-1-55810-282-8
Fowler M. D. D. (Ed) (2010). Guide to the code of ethics for nurses: Interpretation and
application. (Reissue). American Nurses Association (ANA). Silver Spring MD:
Burkhardt M. & Nathaniel A. (2008). Ethics & issues: In contemporary nursing (4rd ed.) Clifton Park NJ: Delmar
| ISBN-13: 978-1133129165

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