In this module’s Application assignment, you designed a lesson plan for physical science. Share the lesson plan and the hands-on lab activity with colleagues in the Discussion. Use the questions to critique the lesson plans of two colleagues.
•How does the lesson plan convey the fundamental concepts and processes of Earth and space science?
•How does the lesson plan demonstrate the application of inquiry-based science and literacy strategies?
•How does the lesson plan integrate technology?
•How does the lesson plan use Response to Instruction to accommodate the needs of all learners?

Key Questions

What is the difference between balanced and unbalanced forces?
How does an external force applied to the swinging pendulum affect its speed of swing?
How does the distance between the ruler rubbed on the hair and the pieces of paper influence the strength of attraction
When do poles of magnets attract?
Explain the phenomenon behind a magnet attracting iron filings but not grains of salt

Students to differentiate between balanced and unbalanced forces by investigating unbalanced loads on a seesaw
Students to stop a swinging pendulum using a stick to know the effect of an external force to the swing
Students to demonstrate the effect of distance on the strength of electrostatic force by attracting the pieces of paper from different distances (Sciences, 2015)
Students to discover the force of magnetism by attracting metal chips and using two magnets to know like and unlike poles

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