Hello! I have a very tough grading professor so please read the following directions carefully and take your time in writing this essay.

The essay should be between 450 to 600 words.



CLEAR THESIS AND TOPIC SENTENCES. Make sure that the first sentence of the essay reflects the topic properly.

You will answer the guiding questions using my resources.

A. Guiding Questions (make sure to integrate the guiding questions with each other, there is overlap):

1. Discuss the parts of the brain as they relate to learning and memory. (FIRST BODY PARAGRAPH)

2. Discuss learning styles. ( SECOND BODY PARAGRAPH)

3. Include your learning style, strengths & weaknesses, and study tools (what old skill(s) align(s) with your results from the Learning Styles Survey and what new tool might you try). (THIRD PARAGRAPH)

***I will upload the results of my learning survey and please answer the 3rd guiding question based on this results***.

B. Sources (use in regards to answering each related questions, DO NOT ONLY USE ONE SOURCE PER GUIDING QUESTION!! please integrate them all)

1. http://thebrain.mcgill.ca/

2. The uploaded notes on brain and memory I provide you with. (google doc, photoes)

3. the results of my learning style survey (google doc, pdf)


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