By now you have hopefully visited your field sites at least once and have begun to look into sources for background historical research. Here are some suggestions for what you should be working on during this module.
• Continue making worthwhile visits to your field sites.
◦ Jot down observation notes in your notebook (the more you have the easier your paper will be to write).
◦ Take photos and/or collect other graphic representations that will be good for your paper,
• During this time you could also be visiting a library and finding a good book or two related to the history of the area you are studying. There are probably many fascinating stories related to the places or people you are researching that you can learn about and share! You can use the Internet as well, but you must use valid sites (no Wikipedia or amateur/opinionated blogs).
• Creating an outline is highly recommended as it really does give structure and guidance while you put everything together and create a coherent product.
• Keep in mind the paper will be structured around addressing the three provided guiding questions that ask you to focus on symbolic interaction, social psychology, and how relevant historical events or ideas relate to current observations:

1 How do symbols affect social behavior and interaction?
2 How do factors such as culture, lifestyle, age, education, occupation, mode of travel, or location affect how people imagine the city differently?
3 How do events from the past connect to current phenomena in these neighborhoods?
• You don’t have to worry about interviewing people this time around (though you can if you like, of course).
• Similar to the Midterm Project, your selected key terms from the word bank must be in bold print and explained clearly (using unique definitions that demonstrate clear understanding) to an imagined reader who has no understanding of sociological terms. These terms need to be relevant to your observations and should be integrated throughout the paper and not bunched up in the first paragraph or so. Definitions should be either in footnotes, text boxes or endnotes.

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