Watch the video and answer the following questions in complete sentences:

Why we love cats and dogs Video : All labs require written lab reports, along with complete answers to all questions. 1) The video discusses how there is belief that there are “cat people” and “dog people”. Do you agree or disagree? Why? If you had to characterize yourself in this way, what would you say you are? Why? 2) How are dogs and cats different? How are they similar? 3) Describe two of the different types of people that the dog trainer discusses. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each type for people and dogs? 4) Why does the dog trainer argue that attempts to train dogs has often failed? 5) As a vet, how would you take into account the emotions and relationships between animals and humans in doing your job? 6) What is the relationship between dogs and cats? If you were a vet and a client asked you about having a dog and cat in the home, what advice might you give the client? 7) Why do shelters and rescuers try to match an animal’s personality with the family that they will go home with? 8) Can cats be trained? What are the benefit of training cats? 9) What can we as humans learn from dogs and cats? 10) What is a vet’s relationship to the human-animal connection?

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