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The optional literature below may help with the discussion and assignment.

Literature on Telemedicine


Literature on PACS


Book: Health Informatics: Practical Guide Seventh Edition  by William R. Hersh  (Author), Robert E. Hoyt  (Author)    ISBN-13: 978-1387642410  ISBN-10: 1387642413    





Select one stakeholder: physician or hospital. Then, discuss the two advantages and two disadvantages of using PACS.  Be sure to include the learning objectives listed in the rubric. Your original post is due on Wednesday and your comments are due on Sunday.  Please see the rubric for grading.


  1. Answer the following
    • What does PACS stand for? Define PACS.
    • Using the textbook or doing a web search, find an actual PACS used today and provide some of the features of the system.
    • Discuss 2 benefits (or advantages) of PACS
    • Discuss 2 challenges (or disadvantages) to adopting PACS as it relates to one stakeholder.






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