For this discussion, you will report on a state’s PDMP and find a related news article.   FIRST, check the discussion and select a state that has not been listed more than once.  Be sure to include a reference in APA format. Your original post is due on Wednesday and your comments are due on Sunday. You are encouraged to start early.  Please see the rubric for grading details.


  1. Check discussion to see which States have already been used.
  2. Follow the link to gather information on a State that’s not already included in the discussion:
    • Next, give details about the State’s PDMP. Be sure to include:

 – the State

 – the Name of the program

 – the year it became operational

    • How does PDMP relate to patient safety?  What are your thoughts on the benefit of including PDMP data in EHRs?
    • Then using  Google News,  find and summarize a recent (within the last 90 days) news article related to your state’s PDMP.





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