Book: Health Informatics: Practical Guide Seventh Edition  by William R. Hersh  (Author), Robert E. Hoyt  (Author)    ISBN-13: 978-1387642410  ISBN-10: 1387642413    


For this assignment, please answer the following questions. Be sure to include the learning objectives listed in the rubric.  Also, many assignments require you to use the textbook or outside sources. Be sure to include a reference for each assignment.  Each answer should meet the 100-word minimum length requirement.

Prompt: The year is 2030,  and you are the chief of staff at a local hospital. At this time, four people cover the night shift of the ICU.  You are investigating the possibility of a nightly virtual ICU.   Create a letter to the CEO that includes the following:


  1. Answer the following
    • What is the difference between telemedicine and telehealth?
    • What are some potential benefits of a virtual ICU?
      • Include benefits to the company
      • Include benefits to patients
    • What are some potential consequences or drawbacks of virtual ICUs?
    • What hardware or software is needed?  and include a cost.

Feel free to use out outside sources.

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