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Throughout the medical field, ethics has a crucial role in assuring that the moral principles that govern both people and group behaviors are upheld to the highest standards. Ethics guides the decision making of almost every aspect within the medical field, it exemplifies that both providers and patients understand and determine what is good, equal and just. Ethics aims to help structure the health care profession with honesty, reliability, respect for all law, and aids in understanding towards the refusal for professionals to participate in unethical or deceptive activity (National Association for Healthcare Quality, 2016).

Ethics guides the delivery of health care services by influencing both private and governmental sectors to do what is morally right for you and the patient. There are four types of ethics ( normative, organizational, professional, and personal) and each molds an individual to use proper, responsible, virtuous and moral behavior. Each person builds their character and is able to provide exceptional care to patients. For these reasons, ethics is crucial in the healthcare setting, so that you can abide and follow standards/ laws that build your character to make good decisions to treat patients. As a healthcare professional, you are accountable for your actions and you need to be responsible and make good judgments when providing services to patients. Ethics maintains personal and healthcare information protected and avoids any lawsuits, fraud and abuse to patients and healtcare professionals/ organizations.

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