I have 4 Health topic and you can choose one of them (Eating disorders – Diet and weight loss – Health sleep – Workplace health – Food, nutrition )

Purpose :

To enhance the student’s knowledge of a specific health -wellness topic of their choosing and provide educational initiative for the educational for the community / demographic that is effected by that particular health issue .


5 typewritten pages .

Cover page (does not towards total required page amount).

Educational / informational pamphlet or brochure .

12 pt font – Time New Roman (or similar)

MLA/APA (depending on major /program requirements )

Content :

Introduction of topic (who/what/when/where/why).

Body of paper (specifics of issue and how to address / inform public).


Reference 5 sources corrected cited (one source can be the text , others be peer reviewed journals /expert interviews /trustworthy websites).

-Unacceptable source :wikipedia or other opinion based sites

-interviews with experts are professionals who are working in or studying that topic of health you are researching .

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