As you have read this week, there are a number of factors related to health disparities in the United States. The consequences of these are often demonstrated in the disparities in health outcomes found between racial and ethnic populations. Awareness and understanding of these disparities and their impact on the health of our population and our communities is critical for health care and human service professionals in the field.

To prepare for and complete this discussion forum:

1. Find a peer reviewed journal article that addresses health disparities or disparities in health outcomes of a particular health condition/concern (i.e., obesity, breast cancer, high blood pressure, infant mortality, etc.). A quick search of the library databases using, for example, the keywords Health Disparities in Breast Cancer, will produce a wealth of information from which to choose your article.

2. Second, in a post of 175- 200 words give a brief overview of the article and discuss what you think the most important take home point is.Try to pinpoint the underlying causes of the disparity and how it is impacting the health of minority or vulnerable populations.Do NOT simply read and paste the abstract. Read the entire article as I may ask you specific questions about it in the forum.

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