Answer the following questions using at least 2 references in MLA format.

Question 1) What are some challenges associated with teamwork in health care? Describe three benefits and three costs of working as part of a team in a health care organization.

Question 2) After working in a hospital for six months, you have been selected to head the team to conduct hand-washing audits of the nursing units. Whom do you want on your team, and why?

Question 3) What are the five stages of team development? Describe each stage and what might be involved in a health care setting.

Use APA format for question 4

Question 4.

There are search tools used by health scientists, covering the two main databases which contain the majority of health science research (PubMed and PsycINFO). Discuss the following topics.

1. Systematic review (definition and techniques).

2. PubMed and PsycINFO data-sets and systematic search strategy.

3. Different types of bias in systematic review.

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