Health and Human Services Workforce

The Healthcare Studies baccalaureate program is designed for students who want to work in the health or human service industry in a non licensed, nonclinical setting. (Except for students with a previous allied health degree). Write a short paper (2-3 pages) answering the following questions. Submit by the due date. 1. Identify a potential area of employment in the health or human service industry for a student graduating with a degree in Healthcare Studies. (If you are stuck look at the Healthcare Studies career page or Link ( What is the job? 2. What would you do at this job? 3. What type of mandatory minor would be useful for this job? (Look at the minors offered at Salem State University Link ( What other types of classes might be useful (look at an area such as psychology, business, world language, etc.)? 4. What is the opportunity for employment? Link ( What is the expected salary? 5. Do you need additional training or an advanced degree?

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