Social and Behavioral Sciences Understanding Contributes to Public Health. Likewise the influence of lifestyles, socioeconomic status, and community resources affect public and community health.

In previous classes students mention something like the following: more often than not, people who live in lower socioeconomic areas may not be able to afford healthy food. Eating healthy can sometimes be very expensive if it is not taught how to find healthy inexpensive alternatives. This leads to purchasing inexpensive fast foods which are very unhealthy and lead to obesity epidemic. For example, studies have shown that the average family eats out 3 times a week and that those of lower incomes often feel that fast food restaurants are cheaper than eating healthy at home. 

Let’s have a debate: Is buying fast food cheaper than buying healthy foods at the grocery store, etc.? I am not convinced this is true. Why might I think this or am I wrong? In the discussion please consider the assigned readings and other references to defend your position..

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