1. Hazards can be separated into three basic types: physical, chemical, and natural. Consider the hazards that are present at your local gas station, and put them into one of the three categories, listing at least one hazard for each category. Analyze one of the hazards for possible outcomes.

2. Compare and contrast the four levels of protection used during spill response and cleanup activities. In your discussion, provide an example of a spill or cleanup scenario for each level.

3. As a container of hazardous materials is being unloaded from a delivery truck, the container is dropped and the package begins to leak. Is this a transportation accident? Why, or why not? Explain the actions required to be taken by the driver in such a scenario.

4. The four basic steps necessary in developing an effective spill prevention and response plan are:

Performing a hazard assessment
Identifying ways to eliminate or reduce hazards
Developing plans and procedures
Training personnel

Discuss the role of the safety professional in each of these steps. Provide examples in your responses.

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