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IPH 401: Interprofessional Perspectives on Global Health

Global Health Issues Paper

Each student is expected to develop a 4 – 6 page paper (excluding title page and reference page) examining a current global health issue in a country of your choice (outside of the US). Choose from the list of general topics and specifically address an aspect of that topic. If you have a different topic you would like to address, you should contact your faculty for approval of the topic to ensure it is appropriate for this assignment.

This assignment is considered a “formal paper” with proper documentation of references with in-text citations. You may use  APA format for citation of references. 

The paper must include the following elements:

  1. Introduction of the topic – Identification of the topic and overview of the issue. . 
  3. Impact of the issue on health and healthcare – impact of the issue in one country outside the US. Include an example of a situation in which this issue affects individuals or groups. 
  5. Impact of the issue on health and healthcare delivery in the United States – impact of the same issue in the US overall or in a local area. Include an example of a situation in which this issue affects individuals or groups. 
  7. Comparison of impact  – Compare the impact in the United States and the same country (from section b) outside the United States. Share data when possible – show, don’t tell.
  9. Impact of the issue from discipline perspective – Discuss the impact in your practice or from the perspective your chosen discipline of study or perspective area of practice. Include an example of a situation you have experienced or a potential situation in which the issue impacts the provider or recipients of care/service.
  11. Ethical considerations – address ethical considerations.
  13. Responses – Identify specific solutions or responses to this issue. These may include political action, professional action, changes in healthcare delivery, or some other type of response. You must support your ideas with sources (ideas or solutions from other countries that have been successful).
  15. Summary – Information presented should be summarized.  
  17. References – Use at least 5 current scholarly references. The references should be used to support positions throughout the paper. Wikipedia will not be accepted as a source!  Also, I will not accept information from politically-based (ANY political affiliation) sources.


Suggested Topics


            Availability of medication


Reliability of medication (counterfeit medications)


Research and development


Immunizations – access and/or factors affecting immunization rates


Health care delivery

            Access to care

            Levels of care

            Quality of care


Mental Health


Foreign Aid and effect on health care (continuity of care)


Non-governmental organizations and effect on health care (equity, access, continuity)


Human Rights


Gender Issues


Health care for refugees


Effects of political instability




Follow the grading rubric!

Use legitimate sources –  I will not accept Wikipedia or information from a politically-based (ANY political affiliation) source.

Other suggestions:

Make each graded section a separate heading in your paper to make sure you do not miss anything.

Pay attention to the point totals for each individual section and match your content accordingly. For example, you should put more content in a section worth 20 points than a section worth 5 points.

Compare apples to apples – for example, if you decide to look at education, you might compare graduation data from both countries rather than a graduation rate from one and attendance in another.

Data is important – you do not need to define social determinates of health (or other section areas) — show me how they impact health for people in that country.



Grading Rubric 


Introduction – identifies the issue


Impact on society  – country outside of the US


Impact in the US


Comparison of impact in the US and country outside of the US

(use comparable data)


Impact on discipline or area of interest


Ethical considerations






References: At least 5 current references


Use of references to support positions – not based on personal opinion


Grammatically correct and cites references






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