1. Look at Figure 3-1 on page 33 in your textbook. This table lists the traits of the garden pea used by Gregor Mendel, and the F1 and F2 results of his monohybrid crosses. Why did Mendel use peas for his experiments? Explain the significance of the F2 ratios he obtained: why are all the ratios close to 3:1? Choose one of the traits and show a Punnett square of the F2 generation to illustrate your answer.
  2. Mendel derived four principles of inheritance from his genetics experiments with pea plants. Explain these four postulates in your own words. Using the chromosomes pictured in Figure 2-10 on pages 22-23 in your textbook, relate his Law of Segregation and Law of Independent Assortment to your knowledge of meiosis. Be sure to describe the stages of meiosis that demonstrate these laws.

Text book title is essentials of genetics ninth edition. Please let me know if you need pictures.

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