Decades ago there was a great deal of talk about “junk DNA,” non-coding DNA that is only transcribed into RNA, but never translated into proteins. Recently it was discovered that some of these regions produce small RNA molecules, called micro RNAs, which regulate gene expression.

For this discussion you will choose a genetics article from a scientific journal (not from the popular press) that discusses the topic listed above. Evaluate the article carefully and submit an original post containing your review of the article. Your article review must include the following sections:

  • Article Link: provide a link to the article or attach a complete copy of the article for your classmates.
  • Citation: give the complete citation for the article including title, author(s), date, publisher, etc.
  • Summary: summarize the main points of the article.
  • My Opinion: give your opinion about the article and the topic in general.
  • New Questions: propose 3 new questions that need to be answered about this topic.

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