Introduction to Psychological Appraisal and Treatment
Assignment Requirements

Introduction to psychological appraisal and treatment: Controversial Statements in Psychology

Controversial Statements in Psychology
Viewpoints vary greatly on the causes of different mental disorders and mental health problems. What people believe about these issues at the fundamental level is very likely to influence many other aspects of how they respond to the needs of those thought to be suffering with a mental health problem or mental disorder. In this Discussion, you analyze a controversial statement in psychology from a historical perspective, as well as the biological, psychological, and social factors that contribute to the psychological diagnosis or mental health problem in that controversial statement. Then argue for or against the statement’s validity.
In order to prepare for this Discussion, review this week’s Learning Resources.

Controversial Statement:
Personality is formed in early childhood, and the root causes of mental health problems can be traced back to events during that period.

Discussion Question:
1. Explain why the statement might have been thought to be true at the time in history when it was made.
2. How has such a view changed over time? Provide a current argument for or against the statement based on biological, psychological, and social factors that contribute to the diagnosis or problem mentioned in the statement.
3. Consider the importance of psychological appraisal and treatment for disputing or affirming the controversial statement, and note how your views may impact your use of psychological appraisal and treatment in such an instance.


1). Label the post with the name of the controversial statement.

2). Support the Assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation (including URL where applicable).

3). All sources must be scholarly.

4). Include In-text citations and references ALL in the APA format.

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