Follow the instructions below and post your answers to the questions (300 words max.).

Determine your Dietary Reference Intake (DRI) by using the online calculator like that found at the USDA web page: (Links to an external site.). The DRI is the suggested amount of Calories required to maintain your current weight.
Determine your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), which is the minimum amount of Calories required in your daily diet for your energy needs. The BMR can be calculated using the online app at (Links to an external site.) .
1) Explain why in order to lose weight you would need to ingest fewer Calories per day, or expend enough energy per day, so the net ingested daily Calories are less than the calculated DRI. How long would it theoretically take to lose the equivalent of one pound of fat if you ingested 100 calories/day less than the DRI?
2)Would you agree that it basically does not matter what kind of food you eat to lose weight as long as the number of net daily Calories is less than the DRI and why?
3)Why do you think the BMR and DRI can change with body mass and fitness levels?
4) Go to your kitchen and chose a favorite food product with a Nutrition Label and note the Caloric content. How much of that food (by mass or volume) could you ingest in a single day to equal the DRI if that was the only food you ingested?

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