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This is a research report. You will attempt to modify your own behaviour. This will involve recording your behaviour for a minimum of 28 days, and writing a report on what you have done. It is therefore important to start this assignment at least six weeks before the due date which is May 9 (i.e., start the assignmment in March).

Research Report 2000-2500 words

Worth 35%

Behaviour modification has been applied in a wide variety of areas to assist people in changing theirbehaviour. For example it is one of the key treatments underlying cognitive behavioural therapy usedwidely in clinical psychology.Self management is one area where behaviour modification has been applied. Individuals can usebehavioural modification techniques to control personal habits, health behaviours, professionalbehaviours and personal problems.

The aims of this assignment are to:

•Teach you about behavioural self management techniques, by giving you an opportunity to modify your own behaviour.
•Consider and discuss some of the different dimensions that influence the target behaviour.
•Explain the way that learning contributes to behaviour.
•Apply learning theory to modify behaviour.
•Develop skills in writing a research report.
•Gain experience in the use of APA format.

Choose a target behaviour that you would like to modify. Examples include:

• Increasing the number of hours of study.
• Increasing the occurrence of a healthy habit (e.g. exercise).
• Decreasing unhealthy food consumption.
• Decreasing the occurrence of an unhealthy habit (e.g. smoking).

To do this you will:

• Identify and precisely describe the behaviour.
• Choose an appropriate method to monitor the behaviour
• Monitor and record the behaviour for a minimum of 14 days
• Identify some principles which should lead to changing the behaviour in the desired direction.
• Using these principles, design a strategy or set of strategies to change the frequency of the behaviour.This is called the intervention.
• Implement the intervention for 14 days while continuing to monitor and record the behaviour.
• Write a report based on what you have done.

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