Evidence-based medicine (EBM), previously translational medicine, can be defined as improving care based on empirical research and/or hands-on practice. The EBM’s approach is based on either direct patient care (bottom-up) or an experiment translated into guidelines (top-down). EBM is used in either in conjunction or as quality assessment tool(s) for continuous quality improvement (CQI). The healthcare leader must utilize the evidence to promote healthcare quality.
• Explain the process of evidence-based analysis.
• Highlight the major players and their roles in EBM policy (i.e., government, providers, patients, etc.).
• Explain the EBM “Levels of Evidence” as defined in your course text.
• Review the case “Constraints of the ACA on Evidence-Based Medicine.”
• Provide a written analysis of the case “Constraints of the ACA on Evidence-Based Medicine” ATTACHMENT INCLUDED(Utilize the “Levels of Evidence and Grades of Recommendations” as defined by the National Guideline) Clearinghouse.
• Summarize the policy of EBM in your conclusion.

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