Draw a flow diagram to show how hormones work. Refer to Cyclic AMP in your answer. Why do hormones only affect certain cells in your body? Refer to the structure of the cell membrane in your answer.

On an outline of a human body draw on and label the major glands of the endocrine system:

a) Pituitary gland

b) Hypothalamus

c) Thyroid and parathyroid gland

d) Pancreas

e) Adrenal medulla

f) Adrenal cortex

g) Gonads and placenta

h) Pineal

i) Gastrointestinal tract

You may wish to use a key system.

Task no: 2

Complete a table for the structures in the endocrine system that you have labelled above. The table should have the name of the gland, its location, the hormone produced and a brief description of its function.

Task no: 3



In a formal typed report:

a) Define homeostasis.

b) Using a named example, describe a negative feedback system that involves hormones.

c) Using a named example, describe a positive feedback system that involves hormones.

d) Compare homeostatic systems in the nervous and endocrine systems in terms of speed of effect and duration of effect.

Task no: 4


Explain the interrelationship between the nervous and endocrine systems and their related hormones and explain how the systems work together. You must use flow diagrams to complete this task.

a) How do hormones and the nervous system control gastric (stomach) secretions?

b) How are the nervous and endocrine systems linked in the production and effects of adrenaline in terms of fight or flight?

c) Explain the role of ADH and the role of osmo-receptors and the pituitary gland in osmoregulation.

d) Explain how both thyroxine and adrenaline are involved in thermoregulation;

e) What is the role of Melatonin in the brain and describe the daily changes in its production and effects.

Task no: 5

Explain how the endocrine system can malfunction. You may wish to use diagrams to support this piece of work.

Research the following conditions:

1) Goitre

2) Cushing’s Syndrome

3) Diabetes Mellitus

4) Pituitary Dwarfism

For each you need to explain:

a) What is the cause? Which hormones are involved?

b) What are the normal / healthy levels of these hormones in the blood?

c) How are these levels measured?

d) What are the symptoms of each disease and how do they come about?

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