Review these articles already provided in the study section of this unit in preparation for this discussion:
◾Read Furst, Finto, Malouf-Todaro, Moore, Orr, Santos, Sutton, and Tipton’s 2013 article, “Changing Times: Enhancing Clinical Practice Through Evolving Technology,” from Medsurg Nursing, volume 22, issue 2, pages 131–134. This article will be used in the first discussion in this unit.
◾Read Murphy’s 2010 article, “Nursing and Technology: A Love/Hate Relationship,” from Nursing Economics, volume 28, issue 6, pages 405–408. This article will be used in the first discussion of this unit.
◾Read Schwartz’s 2012 article, “Helping Drive Health Care’s Fast-Moving Technology Train,” from Science of Caring, volume 24, issue 1, pages 14–20. This article will be used in the first and second discussion of this unit.

•Select two examples of current technology used in the delivery of patient care. Use Electronic health record and Bar-code technology. One technology should be used for data management and one for direct care.
•Discuss how the technology contributes to safety and quality in the care of patients.
•Discuss how specific data is tracked, monitored, stored, or trended.
•Discuss how the technology could be enhanced for the future.

Your initial post should be about 150 words. Use at least one APA-formatted reference and that can be a text, any assigned readings, or a reference you find on your own through the Capella Library.

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