Listen to Podcast:…

Listen to the video Finding the Motivation to Study and/or How to Study.

Summarize (2 pages or more â double spaced, font size 12, 1″ margins with proper grammar, punctuation, spelling & writing style) and include 2 parts:

What you learned from the podcast on Expectancy Theory & Goal Setting.What applications can you make in regards to your academic/college coursework and experiences? This should be specific tip from the video on Finding the Motivation to Study.

Be specific/ detailed.

Be sure to include BOTH the summary and specifically how you can personally apply this theory to academic/college coursework and experiences!

You need to include a summary of the main points of the podcast as well as specifics for how you are going to apply the ideas in the podcast using tips from the video. You can include other ideas as well. You need to demonstrate that you have listed to both the podcast and the video.

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