Case discussion. 250 words. please describe the type of  existential therapeutic techniques you will use in this case.

 You are an existential therapist with a relatively new client named Dominguez who has yet to make any progress. Dominguez is a 24-year-old who dropped out of college shortly after his girlfriend (Shayla) broke up with him 2 years ago. Since then, Dominguez spends much of his time looking for a job, but will sometimes spend hours checking Shayla’s Facebook status updates or watching her from afar. Ever since the breakup, he has suffered from depression, as demonstrated by feelings of inadequacy, worthlessness, hopelessness for the future, and guilt for all of the mistakes he made in the relationship with Shayla. He seems to be “stuck” in the past. However, he seems in denial about his emotions. He says he’s fine but just needs to build his self-confidence enough to do well on a job interview. How do you conceptualize Dominguez’s concerns from the existential perspective and what existential therapeutic techniques would you use to help? 

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