One ethnic group that is less likely to report victimization is African American females. Many African American women remain silent about their victimization because they don’t want to turn over African American males to add to the racially biased criminal justice system (Maier, 2008). They are also afraid that if they report their victimization, they will be seen as being disloyal to their race (Maier, 2008). Another population that may be less likely to report victimization is the Hispanic and Latino females. If a female is raped she doesn’t want to report it because she will be blames for bringing dishonor to her family (Maier, 2008). Also, is she reports it then they are referred to as being “tainted”, so she is seen as not being clean any more (Maier, 2008). They are supposed to be like the Virgin Mary (Maier, 2008).

A program that can help to promote reporting is Safe Harbor. Safe harbor works with domestic violence victims. They provide them somewhere to stay that is safe. They also offer to the victims an order of protection assistance. They help victims get their order of protection from the court system (Safe Harbor, 2016). They also provide the victim with counseling that can help them handle the current crisis they are going through.

Maier, S. L. (2008). Rape victim advocates’ perception of the influence of race and ethnicity on victims’ responses to rape. Journal of Ethnicity in Criminal Justice, 6(4), 303–334.

Safe Harbor. (2016). Retrieved 25 October 2016, from

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