• Interviewing minors who have been abused
• Providing supportive services to child victims
• Ethical problems that can arise during child custody evaluations
• Transfer of juveniles to adult court to be charged as an adult
• Evidence-based interventions for juvenile justice youth, e.g., functional family therapy, multisystemic therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy
• Research strategies with minors to avoid ethical dilemmas
Conduct a scholarly literature search of your issue to find a minimum of three references in addition to the Learning Resource you have selected in order to prepare a 2- to 3-page summary and analysis. You may include the reading that you selected under this week’s Learning Resources.Submit by Day 7:
• A summary of current research of the selected issue based on your literature review
• An analysis of how the involvement of minors makes the issue potentially more problematic
• An explanation of the supporting role of the forensic psychology professional in relation to the issue you selected

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