For this assignment you will assess the work environment of a client using the screening tool provided in the course.  You will apply either the Ecology of Human performance or the Human Activity-Assistive Technology models for the intervention planning.  The assignment should include the following:

  1. Definition of the term Ergonomics
  2. List and discuss 5 musculoskeletal injuries or nerve injuries commonly seen in the work environment
  3. One page analysis of the worker’s (client) environment (include cleanliness)
  4. Completed screening tool – attachment
  5. Problem list
  6. Recommendations with rationale applying the preferred model
  7. In conclusion, explain the importance for an organization to be ergonomically correct

A minimum of 2 scholarly references required. Note: 1. Paper should be up to 3 pages in length, NOT including cover page and reference page.

Reference of either model is mandatory.  A minimum of 2 scholarly references required.

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