The chapters in this module introduce frameworks for practice in the community, frameworks for gathering and sharing evidence in regard to health conditions in the community, and the epidemiologic response to the spread of diseases and issues in the community.

Although the COVID response has been a fertile field for epidemiology for the past year, please choose another issue for this discussion.


Choose a disease or issue you see in your practice. 

Heart Failure: Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD)-Issue: Driveline Infections


Review the different epidemiology models. Use the steps in Table 6.1 on p. 148 to create a response to the issue you have chosen. Note, that in order to complete the investigation, you will need to do an investigation in the workplace and in the literature. 

Pg 148 6.1 Table

How to Investigate an Outbreak

  1. 1. Establish the existence of the outbreak
  2. 2. Describe the outbreak according to person, place, and time
  3. 3. Formulate and test hypotheses as to the most probable causative factors
  4. 4. Implement a plan for control of the outbreak and prevention of further            
  5.      outbreaks
  6. 5. Evaluate results, prepare reports, and conduct further research if necessary


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