I want work in the (Excel). And all the steps you can found in the picture tee. And we did in the class only Table 1 I submit here.

Energy Conversion and Wind Turbine Design Fundamentals

1. Using Excel, graph the Ohm’s Law activity results from Table 1 in Instructions. Plot the following:

– V1-2 vs. (I) and identify slope = R1

– I vs. R2, and I vs. R1-3 on the same graph

2. Develop an Excel spreadsheet, which can calculate theoretical frequency f of the oscillator resistances R1, R2, and capacitance C : (Equation 5) in the Instructions:

= 1.46/ ( 1+2 2)

3. Graph f = (R2) for R2 between 0 and 50 k and constant values of R1 and C, as in the Instructions

4. Calculate the two theoretical values of R2 needed to generate the assigned target frequencies for electronic notes (see Table 2 in the Instructions).

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