The instructor will send you the first draft of another student’s “Plan Development” assignment through the classroom through the individual forum. Once you complete the feedback please attach the feedback/track changes document within the same individual forum in which the instructor submitted this to you.

Proofread the other student’s paper using copy-editing marks or the Track Changes editing function in Microsoft Word.

Provide feedback related to clarity, conciseness, and clear organization of thought. Consider the following when providing feedback:

1. Does the writer make clear his/her thesis statement in the introduction, including what research concepts are going to be addressed? If not, discuss what you think the thesis statement is, and what questions are being addressed but are not listed.

2. Are the links between the concepts and examples clearly made? If not, list some issues or important examples that were left out.

3. Does the writer use research terminology appropriately and correctly? If so, give some examples of good uses. If not, put an asterisk (*) in the margin where the vocabulary should be more clear and specific.

4. Does the paper follow a clear organizational pattern? Do the body paragraphs appear in a logical order? If not, suggest which paragraphs should be moved and where. Does the paper flow smoothly? If not, put a question mark in the margin where you were confused.

5. Does the writer give enough information to clearly support his/her thesis statement? If not, put a wavy line next to paragraphs that need more details, illustrations, or examples.

6. Do you notice any errors in GMP (grammar, mechanics, punctuation)? If so, put a check mark in the margin where you see a mistake.

7. What advice can you give this writer to improve the draft overall?

Please let me know if you understand.

Due on Sunday, December 15th

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