Ecological and Impoverishment Effects of Tuberculosis Prevalence

a research project on an infectious illness in the U.S. or global population that has a zoonotic/environmental component relevant to our One Health theme. Using your understanding of the bio-psycho-socio-cultural model of illness & health care, you must integrate at least two different disciplines into your research. For example, if I was interested in researching the cholera epidemic in Haiti, I could include any combination of the following disciplines: history (impact of natural disasters, like earthquakes, over time); ecology (effects of deforestation on Haitian culture & health); political science (instability in the government & poverty); molecular biology (the pathophysiological effects or transmission of an infectious disease); public health (response of the WHO to the cholera outbreak); anthropology/medical ethics (study of Dr. Paul Farmer’s work in Haiti); psychology (mental health issues in the earthquake/epidemic aftermath).

The paper must have the following components:
1) final project title (a title that should follow academic convention,
being both engaging and descriptive of the focus of your project)
2) one paragraph abstract,
3) discussion of results/data ORGANIZED into sections with logical headers,
4) conclusions (This is not a summary! Your conclusion should include analysis of your research),
5) At least 10 sources. ( these will be provided and uploaded)

Please use footnotes/Chicago style for this assignment.
See this source for info:
This source has a sample paper: https:/
Figures/tables should be placed within the text that discusses them

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