Drug abuse involves dependence on any substance causing it. Students begin regular parties and often end in rehabilitation hubs. The effects may not be so positive in some cases. Naturally, because of their addiction, students suffer academic consequences. You skip classes, obtain low test ratings and overall poor academic results. It also has to do with the loss of memory, mood changes.

The good news is that university students are less addicted than teenagers. Demographic factors like family, awareness, living levels, etc. can explain this. However, drug abuse is still a problem that requires conscious intervention.

Why College Students Abuse Drugs


The college is an era of many possibilities, new knowledge, experience and journeys. Freedom and autonomy is the desire to conquer the world. But, rather than enjoying a new phase of life, students have a burden on parents and teachers with relentless expectations.

It results in a situation in which students are drawn in various directions. You want to learn and hang out, plan and do nothing. At the same time, young people still have a very basic idea of their place in the world. Naturally, anxiety, depression affect this.

Alcohol and drugs on university campuses help prevent stress, relax and improve academic performance. And a dependence develops. This usually leads to drug abuse.

They hide from true feelings

There is a burden for many students. You face parental divorce or death, a breakdown in relationships, a shift towards a different state and high expectations of teachers. Youth can continue with the list of problems known to them for a long time.

They are very often the cause of addiction. At a time when a student does not have the right psychological support and has depression, one’s body seeks stimulants to get around the pain. You feel better for a while with alcohol, marijuana, and other substances. This leads to drug abuse.

They need better grades

Some substances offer extra energy, motivation and performance improvements.

Students who play for the local sports team are in demand. One pill can substitute for several training sessions or produce wonderful results.

Substances can also enhance attention, concentration and recollection. This is an effect in the short term which is then offset by the opposite. Athletes and geek students nevertheless have time to become familiar with substances. Not just physiological, but psychological addiction: how do you surrender anything that makes you better?

They lack information

The substances were a closed theme for a long time, about which nobody spoke. Strict parental bans and the sudden freedom of college life are becoming catalysts for bad habits.

Information deficiency leads to problems in all aspects of healthcare. Today, many researchers and volunteers spread data on causes of addiction, consequences and recovery methods. The time has come to talk about this openly in order to develop a conscientious and informed society.

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