Every individual approaches life and situations differently. We all use communication as a means to express ourselves. However, communication is as much about listening as it is about talking. Communication is a mutual exchange.Everyone has had a disagreement with someone in which the other person may respond with “You aren’t listening to me!” or “You don’t understand me!” The fact is, you are not validating the other person or are perceived as someone who is not providing validation. Validation can defuse a potentially explosive scenario.Consider your personal experiences and communication skills. Write your responses in two to three paragraphs. Be sure to incorporate terms, concepts, and theory from your readings to support your comments.

(Paragraph one) What are the skills you use to communicate and how do they impact your interactions with others?

(Paragraph two) How do you plan to manage conflict communication?
Do you set a goal for the outcome you are seeking to achieve?
Do you consider your audience?
What point of view do you try to convey?
What is your message or argument in communication?
Have you ever applied the principles above? Have they worked for you? If not, what has worked for you?

I have already answered the first question and attached it to the post.

When it comes to the skills I use to communicate with others, it varies depending on the situation;however, the most common ones are active listening, mindfulness, empathy and being mindful of my body language (non-verbal communication). All of these impact my interactions more positively than negative in a way to where I am able to build healthier relationships for personal and business purposes. Being conscious of how we communicate with others takes a large effort that essentially affects our reputation. When people choose to lack consciousness that is a way of non-verbally saying we don’t care how others fee

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