This discussion forum is designed to explore your thoughts on the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program. This program is very well known by management/leadership teams in healthcare so it is IMPERATIVE that you, as a health care student, are at least vaguely aware of what it is!

Respond thoughtfully to the following inquiry/question:

Quickly review both attachments 1 and 2

A. Attachment 1 provides detail on Organization Profiles, Part 1 (P.1) and Part 2 (P.2) look to files DB4 attachment 1. pdf

B. Attachment 2 also provides detail on the organization profile sections but also has detail on the seven (7) categories on which organizations are rated for the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program (leadership, strategy, customers, measurement, knowledge, operations, results) look to files DB4 attachment 1. pdf

C. After reviewing these attachments, find at least one full, current article about healthcare facilities that have been recognized by the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program – or an article discussing the merits of this program. Cite this source at the end of your initial discussion thread!

2. Imagine you have been hired as manager of a healthcare facility that plans to apply for the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program in the next year. As a new manager, you are not familiar with this program but have been tasked with completing the application and starting needed initiatives for sections in which your organization may be lacking.

*You believe that all 7 categories are very important but all need work in your organization. Pick one of the 7 categories that you would choose to focus on and tackle first – and tell us what that choice is.

(leadership, strategy, customers, measurement, knowledge, operations, results)

*Why did you make this choice? Explain.

*Do you believe it is realistic that an organization can excel in all 7 of these categories? Explain your response.

*Why do you believe organizations seek out voluntary achievements such as the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program? They are a lot of work for people that are already overwhelmed with work.

What is the motivation for an organization?

What are the real benefits if any?

Would you pursue this for your organization some day? Why?

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