1. Read pages 5 up to 11 AND 35-39 (textbook) and summarize them (IN YOUR OWN WORDS) in about 300 words

2. Research on the web what is a “DNS” server and summarize your findings in about 150 words (1.5 points) include the e-mail server dependency on the DNS in your summary.

3. )Summarize the following videos in about 200 words each (your own words) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2SpN-OePzc (3 points)


Be sure the summaries are is separate sections, so I can now which summary is from which video, otherwise NO credit will be given

ALSO: Find out what is the IP address and the MAC address of your computer insert a JPG or JIF or similar format (insert that in this document)

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