Warts come from frog urine, “daddy long-legs” are very venomous, their mouths are just too small to bite, cottonmouths live in underwater “nests,” bats lay eggs in your hair…these are some of my favorite myths about the animal kingdom.

This discussion board assignment is to discuss these or other “BIO” myths you’ve heard in your life. You can tell us about your favorite, or comment on one of these (don’t be embarrassed, we have ALL believed something crazy at one time or another). I’d really like to see discussion on this one. Did you have a similar idea as someone else? …Did someone in this class help you debunk a myth you still thought might be true?

Now, a few OFFICIAL guidelines: Your posting should include at least one “myth” you, or someone you know, held true at some point. You can then explain how you found it wasn’t true, but most importantly, give a brief account of the true story (the facts that explain away the myth you chose). This one can be somewhat informal, people always enjoy discussing this topic and can get carried away in the silliness. Just be sure you answer the two main questions outlined here: 1) what is the myth? 2) What is the truth? (and as usual, please use a reputable source and cite it!).

Important Note: Please try to stick to things at least somewhat related to biology… “black cats are bad luck” and “snakes are the devil” go a bit beyond biological misconceptions into the realm of mystical superstitions.

Another important note: Please do not say “I saw this with my own eyes so I know it is true.” The assignment requires a citation, so even if you KNOW beyond any doubt that what you are saying is true, you need to find a supporting document.

(This is one of my biological assignments, please write according to your point of view. This assignment is very important for me.)

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