Theory applied to the design of learning environments
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Hi there, another ‘reflective journal’ covering the following –
Select either a primary or secondary teaching situation and discuss the types of rules that need to be established and the procedures for communicating the rules to students. When rules are broken, what types of penalties are appropriate for that age level?
•Discuss why this is true and identify and discuss at least four principles of effective room arrangements
•Using your own examples, differentiate between hostile, passive and assertive responses to misbehaviour.
•Resolving conflict and building sound healthy relationships between all members of a school community is the basis of restorative approaches. Describe how this approach views behaviour difficulties.

Woolfolk, A., & Margetts, K. (2013).3rd Ed – Educational psychology is the text we are studying and no pressure but if possible 2 other sources? If not convenient one is great. Thanks

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