Food Regulatory Affairs

NOITE / This Question for Final Exam, please answer three questions and write 5 pages,1375 words for each, Also don’t make any plagiarism for all it


“Consumers want more and more nutritional information about the foods they purchase but are left confused by the compulsory nutritional information that is provided on food labels’

-Critically analyse this statement in relation to EP and Council Regulation 1169/2011 on the provision of Food Information to Consumers and the Nutrition & Health Claims Regulation.

1375 word


‘The Official Controls Regulation 882/2004 as part of the’ food hygiene package’ radically changed the dynamic of EU Food Law – no longer can Member States do as they wish since the European Commission is very much involved in decisions made about food safety matters in a food emergency’

-Critically analyse this statement with regard to EU Regulations 882/2004 & 854/2004 and the role of the European Food & Veterinary Office (FVO). 1375 word


‘The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) provides the EU with detailed & comprehensive scientific risk assessments on food. In that way it plays a crucial role in the risk analysis model’

-Do you agree with this statement and discuss the role of the EFSA in comparison to National Food Agencies like the Food Safety Authority of Ireland, the UK Food Standards Agency or other national agencies.

1375 word

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