Sectional Anatomy for Imaging
Assignment 2015-16

Word limit: 1,500 words ± 10% (maximum 1,650 words)

Assignment title:

With reference to a body region of your choice, discuss the anatomical and signal appearances of a common pathology as depicted by MRI and CT.

Learning outcomes:

Knowledge and Understanding

Successful students will typically .
1. Recognise and critically evaluate the anatomical depiction capabilities of the available sectional imaging modalities, such as computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasound and nuclear medicine.

2. Develop critical responses to anatomical image appearances in unknown or unexpected contexts, such as abnormal variants or disease.

3. Synthesise the complex imaging appearances of human body structures, in order to develop a holistic overview of their inter-relationships and their relevance in health and in disease.

Skills and Attributes

4. Undertake independent visual analysis of complex multi planar images of the human body in order to provide original solutions to clinically relevant questions in diagnostic radiography and radiotherapy.


You will focus on pathological appearances and changes as revealed by CT and MRI, mentioning any similarities and differences between the CT and MRI signs. “Signal appearances” include image brightness, density, contrast and homogeneity. Please include labelled MRI and CT images annotated by yourself in order to illustrate your essay and show your awareness of relevant anatomy and pathological signs. In depth coverage of science is not expected but you should demonstrate an understanding of why the pathology appears as it does. You will need to reference your assignment fully. See the School guidelines to referencing 2015/16. You may refer to up-to- date journal articles as well as textbooks. Reliable internet sources may be used as a source of images. Use a reference list. A bibliography is not needed. There are no word count penalties for images or diagrams.

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