1. You manage a 30-bed medical-surgical unit in a small community hospital and have a background in managing cardiac care units. The Director of Nursing has asked you to take part in a planning session with other hospital administrators. The Director feels that expanding cardiac care services will benefit the facility and the community:

What is the strategic planning process for this project?
Who would be involved in this strategic plan? Who are the stakeholders in the community and within the hospital?
How could you begin to implement this strategy?
What are some of the major issues associated with a plan like this?

2. Read the Case Study 13-1 on page 178 in your textbook. Then answer the following questions:

Determine what could have been done to prevent Jane’s problems, other than what is outlined in the case study.
Explain what time wasters and interruptions are and strategies to minimize their effects?
Outline at least three alternatives to deal with Jane’s problem.

Apply these time management skills to a problem in your own life.

3. Change in healthcare is inevitable. Identify one area within your employment that needs to be changed. Examples include improving a process, or reducing wait times, or improving quality. After discussion with a nurse leader at your place of employment, decide on an issue that requires change, and answer the following questions:

Analyze any issues related to the problem, and map out any alternative solutions.
Illustrate 3 strategies for change including the positive and negative forces for each.

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