Describe your ethical practice and how it influences safe client care, client education, and protection of health care information.

Part 1After reviewing the model, write 2-3 page essay of your own ethical practice. It must include 3 peer reviewed nursing journals references. In your assessment, address the following:

  • Identify Ethical Model criteria
  • Discuss Ethical Model impact on nursing decision making
  • Explain why nursing fails to follow ethical practice of PHI protection
  • Discuss how one’s own moral values have impact on protection of PHI
  • Discuss the goals of ethical decision making

Part 2After conducting your personal ethical practice assessment, write a 1 page essay on how your ethical practice compares to the Ethical Model of Decision Making, and be sure to address the following:

  • Does your personal ethical practice assessment align with the Ethical Model for Decision Making? Why or Why Not?
  • What would you add to the Ethical Model of Decision Making Model?
  • Be sure to proofread paper and eliminate all spelling and grammar errors

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