Our cells are bounded by delicate cell membranes that separate living cells from their abiotic environment. Cell membranes control what enters and leaves our cells. Eukaryotic cells, like ours, are further subdivided into membrane compartments, the organelles, that conduct the various functions of our cells. The membranes surrounding and within our cellular organelles control what enters and leaves the organelles and further subdivide organelles into smaller, separate compartments, each with its own special chemistry.

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How do the membranes of cells and the organelles they contain control the movement of materials?
1. Describe the fluid mosaic structure of cellular membranes.
2. Describe the diffusion of materials through the phospholipid bilayer.
3. Describe the diffusion of materials through passive transport proteins.
4. Explain the role of ATP in the active transport of materials across a membrane.
5. Describe endocytosis and exocytosis and explain the difference between the two.

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