1-Describe the components of flat plate solar thermal water heater . Describe its advantages and short coming?

2-what is vacuum tube solar thermal water heater?Make a sketch to describe it.

3-Consider there are two types of absorber layers for the solar thermal water heaters.The first type of absorber layer absorbes sun radiation from 200 nm to 500 nm range wavelength range.Based on the sun radiation we receive on earth which absorber is better in your view?please explain.

4-describe the grid tie and isolated solar cell system and it is common components.Describe what each component does . Fell free to include sketch or picture.

5-What if fuel cell? How does it work? explain briefly.

6-What is a geothermal. heating system? how does it work? explain briefly.

7-What is smart grid?How does it benefit you?

8-What is wind turbine and what does it do? Where wind energy is considred as a more reliable energy source in DC or in Texas?

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