Access Discussion Assignment

General Instructions:

As you create your posts, please keep in mind the following:

Initial post:

  • Do not include the question text. Just enter your thoughts regarding the question.
  • Posts need to be at approximately 100 words in length.
  • Be professional.
  • Create your post in Word, check spelling and grammar, then copy and paste your paragraph(s) to the discussion board.
  • Be sure to save your Word document, you will need it later.

Responses to classmates:

  • At least two posts, each to a separate classmate, giving positive feedback or comments.
  • Start by giving the name of the person to whom you are responding.
  • Posts need to be at least 50 words in length
  • Spell and grammar check
  • Be professional
  • Create these posts in the same Word file as your initial post, then copy and paste your response(s) to the discussion board.
  • Save your Word document

Prior to the Sunday deadline, please upload the Word file that contains all of your posts to the Access Discussion dropbox, found in Assignments or click the link below. The file should submit through Turnitin. Name your file as: CIACourseNumber Access-Last name First name. Example: CIA1403 Access-Karen Sweeney.

Due Dates:

By Thursday, June 21, at 11:59 p.m. Central Time complete the Initial Discussion for the Access Discussion Assignment.

By Tuesday, June 26, at 11:59 p.m. Central Time complete the Discussion Responses and upload your Word document.

Assignment & Questions:

View the GO! to Work Videos, for all three Access chapters, located in the Learning Resources folder of MyITLab.

Answer this question as it would relate to your major or area of interest (if undecided).

  1. Think about the different types of data you may encounter in your career field. Describe some specific types of data that you could use in a database, and how you could organize that data effectively. As part of your description, you should include possible field names, as well as useful queries, forms, or reports that could be derived from the data.

Your discussion grade will be determined by the CIA Discussion Rubricمعاينة المستند. The instructor may use his/her own discretion in awarding partial points for incomplete work. Signs of plagiarism indicated by a high Turnitin score may also result in loss of points, and possibly a 0 for the assignment.


and here is other students discussion that needs my reply or comment. As requested in the previous requirement. For me my major is Finance so you can chose any career to write about it regarding access.

1. After I finish college pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training, I will start my career as an Athletic

Trainer. I believe that access can help me sort certain things out such as appointments, medical records, and contact information. Access would be perfect for keeping up with appointments because you can create a table and set up a date and time and the name of the person. The same goes for medical records and contact information. Access would be great for my field or any type of medical field. Although access is kind of hard to understand at first, is gets easier eventually.

2. When I graduate I plan on becoming a nurse. If I worked at a hospital, they already have databases in use that are universal throughout the building but if I worked in a nursing home access could be a helpful tool. I could use access to record the patient name, current medications, recent incidents (falls, behavioral issues, medication refusal, illnesses), next of kin and their contact info, and favorite things to do around the building or interests. This could be for the nursing home or just for my personal use while I was working. Then at the end of the year I could use a query to single out all the patients that had a fall or came down with a certain illness and use that for quality improvement and improved patient outcomes.

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