Compose a 2-to-5 page paper in which you: Provide an overview of a Forecasting Technique or Forecasting Procedure: Develop a specific forecasting model from those that are included in Chapter 5 of the textbook. Apply the Forecasting Model to a Company Situation or a Condition within the Healthcare Industry: Link the forecasting procedure to a company in healthcare industry or an element in the healthcare business. Explain how the forecasting model would be helpful for decision-making process within the organization/topic. Cite any specific data you can find in your report. Link the theoretical concept to an applied application within the health care business setting. Comment on how the Forecast Model would Impact the Managerial Decision-Making Process: Describe how the forecasting procedure would help or hinder the decision-maker of a healthcare company or healthcare facility. Identify how the industry data in your forecast adds relevant information about projecting trends the healthcare industry.

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