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Topic 1: Defining Internal and External Evidence

  1. Discuss the difference between external and internal evidence as it relates to your PICOT search strategy.
  2. Address the strengths and weaknesses of searching in a databank versus a web-based search engine. You must use two databanks mentioned in the text.

a. Needs to be 1 page

b.Use peer reviewed nursing articles, and give 4 references including website of where information was retrieved

C. No plagiarism, please

Additional Information

Difference in Levels of Information Resources as Evident by Haynes

In this unit you will become familiar with how to locate evidence, and understand the different types of evidence that can be discovered based on internal or external evidence.

For example, internal evidence is evidence that is applied in diagnostic reasoning, such as practice data found in a healthcare record. External evidence is found in randomized control trials and scientific research. Through these two types of evidence you can build your search strategy in reliable databases, to obtain the most relevant data for your particular topic.

Haynes is an authority in healthcare research that has been validated as an excellent resource for nurses in practice. In this unit you will have the opportunity to read about the levels of information resources that are available to you in practice. There are clear distinctions that can be used to determine levels of information. For example, not all evidence is created the same in the sense that some studies are unreliable because they are conducted without good science. You will learn how to find the best clinical evidence to build on evidence-based medicine.

Licensed Databanks and Web-Based Search

You will gain an understanding of the type of databanks that can be relied upon for reliable resource and evidence. At the completion of this unit you will be able to define the difference between evidence that is obtained from Web search and evidence that is found in licensed data banks.

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